At Namaste Restaurant, you’ll be greeted by a sense of place and people from Nepal and India via the colors, spices, aromas, and sounds of Asia. Namaste Restaurant accommodates large groups for lunch and dinner including a semi-private dining area for special occasions.


RESERVATIONS (717) 208 7009
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  • Vegetable fritters deep-fried in chickpea batter lightly spiced & fried in gram flour

  • Nepali dumplings with your choice of veggie or chicken. Comes with a thick gravy sauce.

  • Home made Indian style cheese deep fry with gram flour better.

  • $9.99

    Homemade cheese sautéed with onion, ginger garlic and bell pepper in hot sauce.

  • $4.99

    Crispy fried turnovers stuffed with potatoes and green peas.

  • Mashed Samosa, onion, tomato and chickpeas with yogurt, mint tamarind, chat masala

  • Marinated chicken sautéed with onion, ginger garlic and bell pepper in chili sauce.

  • $8.99

    Deep-fried cubed chicken marinated with south Indian spices served with curry leaves and papad.

  • Samosa, Chicken Pakora, Vegetable Pakora, and your choice of dumplings

  • Deep-fried marinated, your choice of chicken, vegetable, or cauliflower in Manchurian sauce.

  • Marinated tender chicken pieces deep fried with chickpea batter.



  • Minced grilled chicken mixed with shredded cheese, stuffed between the bread with Indian herbs and spices.

  • $3.99

    Combination of the bread of your choice like; Plain naan, garlic naan, roti, and Peshwari naan

  • $3.99

    White flour naan with onions

  • $3.99

    Stuffed mashed potatoes, peas, herbs and spices in a wheat flour.

  • Famous sweet bread stuffed with raisin, cherry, nuts, and coconut powder.

  • Shredded cheese stuffed between the bread with a topping of cilantros and crushed garlic.

  • $3.99

    Shredded coconut stuffed between the bread and baked in tandoori clay oven.

  • $3.99

    Chopped onion stuffed between the bread, mixed with Indian spices, herb, and baked in tandoori clay oven.

  • $3.99

    White flour naan, mashed garlic with cilantro topping.

  • $2.99

    Healthy unleavened fresh stuffed bread


  • A traditional soup of split peas, flavored with curry leaf vegetable broth. Your choice of veggies or chicken

  • Red Chilli, past soy, paneer, bamboo shoots and shredded vegetables, Your choice of veggies or chicken

  • Light and spicy both infused with fresh ginger, lime, coconut milk, lemongrass, cilantro and your choice of vegetarian or chicken

  • Fresh tomato puree, celery, classic tomato soup, and cream topping.


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